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Questions tagged [transaction-hash]

The unique identifier of a Monero transaction. Also commonly referred to as tx-hash transaction-id or txid

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What is the TX key?

What is the TX key? I know it is related to $r$ from the whitepaper, but I'm not sure which number it is. (I'm thinking it is either r, rA, or H(rA)).
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Largest ring size ever used in a Monero transacation

What is the largest ring size ever used in a Monero transaction? What was the size of that transaction in kB? Please share the transaction ID if available
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6 votes
1 answer

Simplewallet: How do I get the tx_id needed for check_tx_key and get_tx_key?

I tried to use the transaction hash, but that seems to be something different than tx_id. For example with this: get_tx_key <my-transaction-hash> I got an error "no tx key found for this txid"....
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Missing one word from 25 word mnemonic seed

I wrote down a mnemonic seed that is missing one word, the position of which is unknown. I was able to locate this recovery tool which is very helpful. However it assumes a 13 word mnemonic seed ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How is the commitment for a previous outpoint computed (tx v2)?

I've been working on a Go-based Monero library and for the MixRing of a RCT, we need the previous outpoints that are being mixed in. It's easy enough to grab those output keys and put them in the ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What is the transaction id and how its calculated?

What is the tx id used for and why have it when there is already a payment id or even an integrated_address to identify a specific transaction? Also how is it calculated? (guessing its a hash of the ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Do Transaction version 2 (ringct) have a different hash function or different input for computing tx hash?

I can verify transactions ids with version 1 using the normal Keccak256 hash just fine. I seem to be having trouble with version 2. For example, this transaction:
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2 votes
1 answer

Monero RPC send transaction from address

I used the following command to pass a monero transaction with the daemon : {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":"0","method":"transfer","params":{"account_index":2,"destinations":[{"amount":100000000,"address":"...
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2 votes
1 answer

Merkle Tree Root for Empty Block

I am trying to use stratum to do pool mining. Here, for multiple cases, we have List of Merkle branches to be empty. I am confused in ...
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How to get the base transaction hash from the blocktemplate_blob [duplicate]

I want to know how to generate different blockhashing_blobs using blocktemplate_blob, returned by the RPC get_block_template method, with different extra fields. To do this, I need to manually ...
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Which keccak algorithm does Monero use in its initial has function?

The Monero algorithm says First, the input is hashed using Keccak [KECCAK] with parameters b = 1600 and c = 512 I'm trying to re-create teh algorithm using JS and I found this keccak library ...
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1 vote
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Do I understand the tree_hash() code correctly?

memcpy(ints, hashes, (2 * cnt - count) * HASH_SIZE); for (i = 2 * cnt - count, j = 2 * cnt - count; j < cnt; i += 2, ++j) { cn_fast_hash(hashes[i], 64, ints + j * HASH_SIZE); } Isn'...
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What would be the process for creating a Monero transaction on paper?

I'm trying to better understand the CryptoNote protocol and Monero's current codebase, and I'm having trouble grasping how transactions are made in the protocol. I've read over the CNS standard and I ...
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1 vote
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Can I disclose transaction id of a transaction to the customer?

When I use monero-python to get transaction details for the customer's address that I've given, I get the following data. {'tx_id': 'efab960da464a6701f1ea4b39ba91c420d71172f9e2ba4d6e1ca9087ad5eb0bf', ...
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Getting transaction hash / ID from the raw data

Is it possible to get the hash/ID of the transaction having its raw signed hex value only?
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I want to verify my transaction actually arrived [duplicate]

I am new to Monero and just attempted my first transfer from Kraken to my Monero wallet on Aug 23. On the Kraken side, it states the withdrawal was a success. However, on the Monero side I have 0 XMR ...
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2 answers

My Atomic wallet shows my XMR has a zero balance

I have 2.49 XMR that I can not access my Atomic Wallet shows a zero balance and Atomic CS is useless what do I do? Please enlighten me.
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