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version of the Monero blockchain used to test new features before they are introduced to the mainnet where Monero holds real value and mistakes are more costly.

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What is the minimum number of nodes for a private I2P testnet?

What is the minimum number of nodes for a private I2P testnet ?
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Cannot run private testnet with more than 2 nodes

I've been following this tutorial to set up a private testnet. However it only works with 2 nodes. As soon as I start the 3rd one (with port 48080), I get these errors 2018-01-07 03:57:00.286 [P2P0] ...
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Monero Wallet RPC stops responding to Monero Python module after some time

I wrote a program that repeatedly requests for JSON responses from a Monero Wallet RPC at some time intervals ranging from 10 seconds to a minute. Everything is running on a testnet in my local ...
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Mining on testnet

I'm trying to obtain some coins in testnet, so I started monerod, waited until it sync and started mining. I've got such messages: 2018-04-11 14:31:43.803 [RPC0] WARN miner src/...
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Testnet wallet rpc "not enough money" despite balance being adequate

When I call get_balance: $ curl -d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":"0","method":"get_balance","params":{&...
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Why does my testnet contuinously throw errors?

I have three private testnet nodes set up, and one wallet-rpc that connects to one of those three nodes (which are all connected to eachother as peers). I am constantly having to delete the walllet ...
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Unable to view an account balance using monerojs

I downloaded my local node on the Monero testnet, specifically I used: monerod --testnet --db-sync-mode fast --prune-blockchain After successfully launching the node, I mined some XMR. My intention ...
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