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Sub-1% perpetual inflation to prevent the lack of incentives for miners after approximately 18.4 million coins have been mined. Fixed at 0.6 XMR per 2 minute block, yielding roughly 157,680 coins per year it will decline gradually in relative terms (as a percentage of total supply) over time

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How to disable tail emmission in a fork?

I've been creating a monero fork and I want to disable the tail emission but can't figure out how. Can anyone point me into the right direction?
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What's Wownero's mining emission curve?

I tried searching for Wownero's emission schedule, but only found mining profit calculators and this question here, but it doesn't have any hard numbers. Is there an equation or equivalent to this ...
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Why is monero mined coins called tail emissions? Why not just call it "mined coins"?

Coming from bitcoin, its confusing to use new terminology sometimes. Why is it called tail-emissions vs just calling it coins mined?
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Tail emission in Aeon

Tail emission in Monero is implemented in cryptonote_basic_impl.cpp, but I don't see it in Aeon's counterpart. Will it be added to Aeon in the future?
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Would having two separate proof of work algorithms for Monero be more secure?

Say 50% is CryptoNight and 50% is an ASIC friendly PoW, would this create more security? Maybe current miners would leave, creating less security? This might be an idea that would be better for the ...
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Why is the emission curve of Monero so steep?

It seems to be steeper than Bitcoin. Why is this?
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Comparison of Monero and Bitcoin Money Supply and Block Reward schedules

How do the Monero and Bitcoin money supply and block reward schedules compare? Are there any graphs that easily compare the two before and after tail emission begins? If there are graphs, how was ...
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At what date will the initial 18.4 million coins have all been mined?

Is it possible to calculate the exact time and date the initial 18.4 million coins have all been mined? And assuming that the total amount itself isn't altered, what if anything could cause this date ...
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Percentage of pre-tail Monero that has been mined compared to Bitcoin

At what approximate block height/date will the percentage of mined pre-tail Monero emission equal the same percentage percentage as Bitcoin? Is there a spreadsheet or calculator that can easily help ...
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How was the Monero emission curve chosen?

The Monero block reward = (M - A) * 2-20 * 10-12, where A = current circulation. Approximately 86% of pre-tail Monero will be mined within 4 years of its launch. What was the stated rational of the ...
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What is the purpose of the tail emission?

What is the purpose of the tail emission? How does it relate to dynamic block sizes and miners penalties?
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How many Monero will be mined in total?

How many Monero will eventually be mined? Is there a fixed supply?
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