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zsh: segfault when trying to sync stagenet [duplicate]

I'm trying to sync a full node for stagenet using the monerod CLI tool on macOS 13.6. It syncs for some time but then it randomly segfaults and I'm not sure why. The error message is as follows: zsh: ...
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API for manipulating raw, unsigned transactions

I'm trying to create something which involves messing with (unsigned) transaction data, using the Rust library monero-rs. All I need to do is import an unsigned transaction, access the contents, then ...
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Error when restore wallet from private keys

I'm trying to create a wallet from private keys. The keys are checked here, but when I try to enter them into the monero-wallet-cli , I get a validation error: ./monero-wallet-cli --stagenet --...
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How do you know monerod has synced?

I’ve a monerod on stagenet. How can I know it’s synced the blockchain? Thanks
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GUI Errrant "Failed Transcation"

I can see a Stagnet transaction from one of my wallets to another has succeed using, (with over 11 confirmation). but neither of my GUI wallets say it went through -- in ...
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Not receiving stagenet XMR to cli-wallet

I created a monero CLI wallet a few weeks ago with the --stagenet option: ./monero-wallet-cli --stagenet --generate-new-wallet ~/example_stagenet_wallet I've now just connected it to the monero ...
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What is the best way to implement a deposit system with Monero's RPC calls?

I'm currently building up a service where the user can deposit multiple cryptos. One of them is Monero, and that is where I'm stuck at the moment. I use PHP for this and the following project: https:/...
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Remote peers and mining question with playground network

I am running a stagenet with 2 nodes for playing / learning Monero. First, the nodes should have been running isolated from the outside world. What I don't understand from the following logs: What ...
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What stops testnet & stagenet coins from acquiring monetary value?

There's a splendidly succinct explanation on many faucet websites of why testnet & stagenet coins shouldn't acquire value, but I'm asking how. My first guess is that Monero's twice-yearly ...
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Monero Wallet RPC: tx_blob is always empty

I'm attempting to create a transaction for broadcast later but tx_blob always returns empty. tx_metadata is populated so I attempted to relay that at: but it ...
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Syncing stagenet daemon

I use Monero 'Lithium Luna' (v0.12.3.0-release) CLI only. I opened another thread that might or might not be related to this one. I have 3 stagenet daemons running (for testing purpose, not on the ...
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Meaning of monerod status command output

I use Monero 'Lithium Luna' (v0.12.3.0-release) CLI only. I would really like to know the meaning of a status command output line like this: Height: 146124/146124 (100.0%) on stagenet, mining at 36 H/...
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I've sent real Monero from Coindirect to my stagenet wallet address, not my mainnet wallet address

I've sent real Monero from Coindirect to my local stagenet wallet address and not my mainnet wallet address. The Monero doesn't show up in either wallet (Daemon/Wallets have synchronized). Have I ...
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What is the monero stagenet?

Realised there was no SE question for what the 'stagenet' is when setting up a monero wallet via the gui or CLI. From my understanding the stagenet is a sandbox environment similar to testnet but is ...
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