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Questions about the deliberate generation of spam (usually dust transactions) as a means to attack the Monero network

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What is Monero's FloodXMR attack published in 2019 May and how can it be executed or defeated?

The research paper here: says Monero is prone to the FloodXMR attack. What is it exactly and how can one execute it? And how can one defend against it? Abstract:...
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How does the dynamic blocksize and the dynamic fees work together in Monero?

This mechanism is unique to Monero because it's the only cryptocurrency to have both blocksize and transaction fee dictated by an algorithm, how was this achieved and what is the rationale behind such ...
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How does the dynamic fee calculation work?

A pull request on github for dynamic fee calculation was just submitted. How does this new dynamic fee calculation work?
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With RingCT, could an adversary get into a bunch of ring signatures to decrease privacy? [duplicate]

Let's say I want to deanonymize Monero. What if I create a ton of RingCT outputs, such that, say, +99% of them are mine. Since amounts don't matter with RingCT, it can be very small amounts (like one ...
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Is it viable to attack Monero by artificially bloating blocks and make it harder to run a full node due to the increased blockchain burden?

A lot of small block proponents defend their stance by reasoning that an artificial cap is necessary to prevent spamming, and thus bloating the blockchain. How effective is Monero's mechanisms at ...
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What happened at block 202612?

Why was this block hardcoded in the source-code? What happened with the Monero blockchain in the block 202612?
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August 2014 spam attack

Please explain how the sophisticated August 2014 Monero network spam attack was designed and conducted. How did the Monero core team respond to the attack and prevent any lasting damage?
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