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Monero related research, most notably conducted by the PhDs of Monero Research Lab

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What is relation of job target and nonce in pool mining

When I was reading some miner code I saw a piece and found it was related to the nonce's value, but I was not able find out whether it is proportional or not. If not, then what is it's relation to the ...
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What is the size of the set of spent key images in Monero?

For research purposes, I want to know the following: What is the exact size of the set of already spent key images and how it can be checked? Do we need to download the Monero blockchain to get the ...
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What is StringCT?

I saw some recent comments about RuffCT/StringCT, which is a supposed improvement to RingCT. What is RuffCT/StringCT, and how is it different than RingCT? What improvements (if any) will this bring to ...
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MRL RingCT research in the Ledger Journal

I understand that Ledger: is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that publishes full-length original research articles on the subjects of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, as well as any ...
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Is there MRL-0007? What topic is it about?

I see from a previous post that MRL-0001~0005 are complete and published while MRL-0006 and MRL-0008 are still ongoing, but I've never heard anything about MRL-0007. Is there such a thing? If so, what ...
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Editing Monero Papers

I have been reading some of the papers available on Monero, and they contain a lot of typos and other small errors. It would be great if we could fix and clarify them. Don't get me wrong, I greatly ...
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Development Roadmap Design and Consensus

Who was involved in the design and development choosing goals for the Monero roadmap? Once goals are identified, what procedures are in place to determine their level of priority? Does the Monero ...
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Has Monero published a definitive, concise threat model?

I2P's threat model consolidates various aspects of garlic/onion threat modeling into one document. Does Monero have a similar document and, if so, where can this document be found?
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