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How to verify the SSL certificate of a node in the (GUI) wallet?

I'm connecting to a remote node that uses SSL. The node uses a self-signed certificate. When connecting, the GUI wallet didn't ask me to accept the certificate nor can I find any way to check and ...
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Running the GUI wallet connected to a daemon on my home network - How do I mark the daemon as 'trusted'?

I'm using the GUI wallet on my windows desktop but run a daemon on a small linux home server. I can connect to my daemon by selecting 'remote node' in my settings using the local IP of my home server. ...
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How to free up space from the GUI wallet scanning the blockchain?

I seem to have run into a full hard drive while scanning the blockchain: nicholas@mordor:~$ nicholas@mordor:~$ cat monero.gui/monero-wallet-cli.log 2023-05-20 10:53:31.795 7f288f9c89c0 INFO ...
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How to complete synchronization through a remote node?

Certainly not looking to sync the daemon fully as it's just too much data for my purposes: 2023-05-22 01:07:54.389 I Synced 70252/2688967 (2%, 2618715 left) 2023-05-22 01:07:55.060 I Synced 70352/...
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How do I get my Cake Wallet to sync?

Recently I created a Cake Wallet account and sent Monero to it. However, whenever I try to sync it, it continues to say "Starting Sync." I have tried connecting it to various different ...
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GUI Errrant "Failed Transcation"

I can see a Stagnet transaction from one of my wallets to another has succeed using, (with over 11 confirmation). but neither of my GUI wallets say it went through -- in ...
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Connect GUI to remote node, wallet & daemon synchronized. Why don't this mean local blockchain is synched?

I keep having problem in getting local blockchain up to date to current height, including importing downloaded raw blockchain, each time it would get to a point where db gets corrupted & I have to ...
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