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Monero wallet refresh command

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Possible to save progress of "refresh" in wallet (mid-refresh)?

Is it possible to save the progress of the refresh command in the monero-wallet-cli in the middle of a running refresh -- before it finishes reaching the end of the blockchain? I need to pay an ...
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Why does Monero refresh even if I use remote node?

I haven't used my wallet for a couple of months. Today I opened my wallet and it started refreshing, even if I use remote node. It refreshes about 150k blocks and it has already taken about 2 hours ...
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Is there a way to set ask-password 0 as the default when opening up any monero wallet file?

I have a bunch of wallet files and when I do a refresh via the command line, it hits me with the password. I can set ask-password to 0, but is there a global setting that I can put somewhere for all ...
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blockchain refresh mechanism

According to the Wolfram Warptangent, Point Release 1 notes, the new Monero release will optimise the wallet blockchain refresh mechanism What optimizations were made and what is their impact on ...
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I restored my wallet, and I chose the wrong block height to start scanning. What are my options?

This wallet I just restored has no transactions any earlier than maybe block 800k. Well, I told the wallet to refresh from 80k by accident. It's taking forever to scan. I don't want to just let the ...
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How long do I have to wait for monero-wallet-cli to be synchronized again?

So from time to time I use my monero-wallet-cli together with the monerod. I start up monerod and wait until its up to date. Then I start up the monero-wallet-cli but its empty. Now I have to use ...
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Why do I need to refresh my wallet?

If I run a full node on the same computer as simplewallet why do I need to "refresh" my wallet to see new incoming and outgoing transactions? Will the new official GUI now in development eliminate ...
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