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Questions about the reliability of random number creation and the RNGs used for that purpose

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What's the difference between the CryptoNightR and RandomX algorithms?

My understanding is that CryptoNightR randomly creates different calculations for each block, and that RandomX does the same, but using a system where any bytecode can be translated into a calculation....
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Is it feasible to introduce output key reuse checking?

Reuse of output key P=H(rA)G+B (which effectively burns fund) could potentially occur if the same random r was used in multiple transactions to transfer fund to the same recipient (A,B), most likely ...
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Is there preferred hardware on which to run simplewallet to ensure random wallet generation?

Would a Monero wallet generated with simplewallet on a Raspberry Pi be as secure as one generated on an Intel-based Mac or PC? How can one determine whether one's random number generator is good ...
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How MoneroDice is provably fair?

MoneroDice is a dice gambling game that uses cryptography for provably fair randomness. How exactly does it proves its randomness?
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