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1 answer

Updating Your Loki Service Node using the Loki Launcher

The Loki network is going to be upgrading to v4 in the coming week to prepare for RandomX mining and as a Storage Server for messaging. Currently I am on version 3. How do I update my Loki SN to get ...
1 vote
1 answer

What other cryptocurrency has implemented the RandomX PoW for mining?

With the move to RandomX for PoW mining on Monero, what other coins have forked RandomX into their coin? I know Loki has done it with RandomXL but have any others implemented it?
0 votes
1 answer

What is the optimal configure.json setting for mining Random XL using xmrig on Loki?

I'm mining on a threadripper 1950x and I followed this guide: I got to the point of mining, but now I want to optimize it further for mining ...