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What should users, node operators and honest miners do in the event of a suspected 51% attack?

Is there any standing advice for such a situation. Are there any obvious warning signs to look out for while the attack is brewing? At what point do the developers shout “Incoming!” and dive into the ...
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Which keccak algorithm does Monero use in its initial has function?

The Monero algorithm says First, the input is hashed using Keccak [KECCAK] with parameters b = 1600 and c = 512 I'm trying to re-create teh algorithm using JS and I found this keccak library ...
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Is "Two-phase Proof of Work" suitable for Monero?

The "Two-phase Proof of Work" is an evolution of Bitcoin proposed by Emin Gün Sirer to mitigate the risk of very large pools getting too much control on Monero. A two-phase PoW consists of a block ...
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Are there any trade-offs to daughter chains?

There has been some talk of Monero daughter chains to scale up and make payments faster or nearly(?) instantaneous. Would these daughter chains be less secure in any way: do they trade less ...
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How secure is CryptoNight?

Has any research been done on CryptoNight? How secure is it, in terms of having a flaw that would allow PoWs to be produced free or cheaply, independent of difficulty?
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