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questions about language libraries and the languages used to build Monero and its related services

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Offering purchase an app or in-app-purchase with monero

I would like to offer a paid app in the traditional platforms with the option to pay it or the plugins in monero. How can I code this?
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SSL handshake failed due to unexpected packet format

I am trying to connect to a Monero stage net node to make some basic RPC calls and start building a library for working with Monero however I am getting an SSL error when connectiong. using System; ...
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Where can I find the POW hash of blocks?

I want to find the POW hashes of each block, which start with or end with many zeros. This answer showed an example of the POW hash. I tried many blockchain explorers and didn't find any one with ...
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C/C++ - What is nonceptr in scanhash_cryptonight function?

This is a C/C++ programming question related to CPU mining. In the source code for CPU miners wolf-xmr-miner, cpuminer-multi et al there is a function called scanhash_cryptonight that has this the ...
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Using Monero as a C Library

I am looking to build an offline wallet for Monero. However, most of my tooling is in Perl and C. If Monero was written in C, I could just call the C functions from my Perl modules. I think it is ...
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How can I contribute to Monero as a software developer

I work as a software developer for my day job. I recently gained a lot of interest in the Monero project and I'd like to contribute. How can I start?
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What language(s) should a new coder learn to contribute to Monero?

What language(s) would be best to learn for someone interested in contributing to XMR (and, less relevantly, Bitcoin)? I have a long term goal to contribute more and more significantly to these ...
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C# simplewallet RPC calls

I'm quite new to cryptocurrencies, and I want to make a program that runs simplewallet (monero-wallet-cli) in the background as an RPC server and make calls to it using C#. I already somewhat know how ...
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Are there any Monero specific programming language "libraries" available?

I understand that simplewallet has a raw JSON RPC interface available, but are there any specific "helper" libraries available for a relatively modern programming language(PHP, Python, Java, ...
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What programming language(s) are used in building Bitmonerod, Simplewallet, Kovri, and the Monero GUI?

What programming languages are being used to build Bitmonerod, Simplewallet, Kovri and the Monero GUI? Are multiple languages used within the same application? What is the level of programming ...
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