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Questions about the process of integrating Monero in order to accept and process payments made in Monero currency

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What is PayBee and how is it related to Monero?

What is PayBee and how is it related to Monero? Is it being worked on is a private repository? I cannot see much recent activity in GitHub other than forking code from BitPay.
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What is Kasisto?

What is Kasisto? Is there a demo available? Is it open source? If so where can I see the source code? Who is the developer? How can I become a beta tester?
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What's the easiest way to integrate Monero Payments without trusting a third party?

I would like to integrate Monero payments on my website. I already know some of the PHP Libraries and Is there a simple way (somehow easy like to ...
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What is XMRdotTwo?

I heard something about XMRdotTwo (or maybe XMRdotTo?). Can someone explain to me what this is? I heard that you can use it to pay Bitcoin addresses with Monero.
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PHP Libraries to assist with Monero integration

Are there any PHP Libraries available to merchants to make integrating Monero payments easier? How much time is generally required to integrate a Monero payment infrastructure? Aside from the ...
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What is the best way of accepting payments for listings using monero as payment, converted and paid into bank

What is the best way to accept Monero as a payment for listings in small sums of $1 - $30 dollars? I will be selling listing space on a website, like a classifieds site. Most of the listings will be ...
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