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A Payment ID is an encrypted, arbitrary and optional transaction attachment that consists of 8 bytes. A Payment ID is usually used to identify transactions to merchants and exchanges: Given the intrinsic privacy features built into Monero, where a single public address is often used for incoming transactions, a Payment ID is useful to tie incoming payments with user accounts.

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What is an integrated address?

Some exchanges use integrated addresses, but what are they, and what are they useful for? Should they be used over regular addresses?
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What is a payment ID, and why is it used?

Several exchanges require a payment ID for deposits and withdraws. What is a payment ID in Monero, and why is it used?
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How do I use long payment IDs in CLI v0.14 / GUI v0.14?

I am trying to attach a long payment ID to my transaction. However, in the GUI, there's no field to enter the payment ID. In the CLI, I get the following warning: Error: Long payment IDs are ...
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How are the various tx-extra types/formats used?

Reading the code, I see that transactions can contain an unlimited number of tx_extra_field items. tx_extra_field is defined in src/cryptonote_core/tx_extra.h as a union of a few possible types, ...
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How do payment ids work?

In particular, how do the encrypted ones work cryptographically. I'm guessing they are based on the shared secret.
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Can i receive payment from bittrex without payment id?

I created offline paper wallet from and i gave me no payment ID. asks for payment ID.Can i receive my funds from Bittrex just using my public address without payment ID?
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16 votes
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How can I create (random) payment IDs?

If I want to give a new payment ID to each customer what tools can I use to do so automatically? Is there a way to generate a (random) payment ID using simplewallet or bitmonerod? What are the ...
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Is it possible to avoid Monero address re-use without having to create a new wallet for each transaction?

I understand that currently, if an user wants to avoid re-using Monero addresses to avoid off-chain linkability (ie same address used for withdrawal from 2 exchanges and the exchanges releasing their ...
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Is it possible to embed message for recipient in transaction?

I would like to embed human-readable short text message to outgoing transaction such that only the receiver can read it. May be reasonably short. Something similar like in wire transfer when sending ...'s user avatar
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Why is the payment ID specified on a per TX basis?

I understand that the payment ID is stored in the tx-extra field. Only one payment ID can be specified when sending, even when sending to multiple addresses, because it's specified on a per-tx basis. ...
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When sending monero with a payment id, is the transaction still 100% anounymous?

Are monero transactions still anonymous when using a payment ID? For example, I send to coins to a address with a payment ID. Is this transaction still 100% anonymous impossible to track?
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Is the payment ID the equivalent of the op_return in bitcoin?

Many devs use the op_return in Bitcoin to store some arbitrary data. In Monero, is the payment ID the equivalent?
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Generate an integrated address using javascript in the browser?

Is there a way to generate an integrated address (monero address + payment id) using javascript or PHP? This is assuming we just need the public monero address or do we also need the public view key ...
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