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Why does my testnet contuinously throw errors?

I have three private testnet nodes set up, and one wallet-rpc that connects to one of those three nodes (which are all connected to eachother as peers). I am constantly having to delete the walllet ...
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I want my money to be private and to use it as needed each month to pay bills etc

How do I get a Monero account? What is the transition process from a bank account to Monero? Do I transfer my bank account to a Monero account? Or do I write a check? Do I pay my bills with ...
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Is it possible to send from integrated to standard address?

i just tried to send Monero, but got an error. apparently the site i want to send from uses a 64-bit integrated address, and the site i want to sent to uses a standard address is it possible to add a ...
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How do I verify incoming payment for web based service in XMR?

What are my options if I want to build a web based service with XMR payment gateway?
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How do the new rpc-payment... options for monerod work?

V0.15 / Carbon Chameleon seems to have introduced new rpc options for a monero node. How do the following options actually work? rpc-payment-address rpc-payment-difficulty rpc-payment-credits Also, ...
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Using Monero as a payment source for my business

I've been thinking about the best way to handle payments in a business I want to start. My first thought was Bitcoin, but after doing quite a bit of reading on Monero, I think that would be the best ...
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How to check payments and process new deposits

Is there a method for checking payments within one account in addition to get_bulk_payments? We have a lot of payment_id to check, and day by day the request is longer and longer. Is there any ...
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How can I buy 'Mastering Monero' via XMR?

'Mastering Monero: The future of private transactions' is now available on Amazon. How can I buy it paying with XMR?
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