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Monero wallet password - recovery of wallet and XMR

I'm in trouble. I don't remember my Monero wallet password. And I don't have the private keys or the 25 word seed. Is it possible to get the password? I'm using the GUI wallet. Does the PC not save ...
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1 answer

Why can I not recover my Monero wallet?

The Monero GUI wallet does not accept my password and I do not have the mnemonic seed or written down keys. I have attempted to recover it using the .keys file, but after choosing "Open wallet from ...
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How to run monero-wallet-rpc in background without revealing my password to the server?

I know that I can run the Monero RPC wallet in the background on Ubuntu by adding a & to the command or by using setsid. But that would result in me having to use the following code on the ...
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How can I set monero-wallet-rpc default password

I want to set a permanent monero-wallet-rpc password. Right now every time I run monero-wallet-rpc I am asked to define a password. How can I make this password be permanent?
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5 votes
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Can I enter a password & wallet file name through JsonRPC?

This would be the ideal circumstance for programming monero-wallet-cli - however, this raises the same concern that running the client with the password supplied via an argument monero-wallet-cli --...
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Simplewallet password confirmation during wallet creation

I like to use very strong passwords, but occasionally make a typo when entering them. Is there a setting I can use so that simplewallet will force me to enter my desired password twice (and ensure ...
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