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operational security in the context of using computers and network systems

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Would this be considered good OpSec?

Buy any altcoin on an exchange on the clearnet (on PC1 running OSX) and have it converted to XMR wallet 1 (on PC2 running Tails) Then send those coins from wallet 1 to another XMR wallet, wallet 2. ...
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Security differences between using Monero on PureOS and QubesOS

The new Librem laptops available for purchase with Monero offer an option to add a QubesOS operating system to any order. For Monero use exclusively, what are the security differences between PureOS ...
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Kovri operational security example(s) - file permissions

The Kovri User Guide has a Step 2. (Recommended) Operational security. It is currently as follows: Consider creating a designated kovri user and run kovri only using that user If using Linux, ...
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Laptop has to go to service center - delete GUI?

my new laptop's battery is screwed and I have to take it back for a replacement - recently downloaded GUI and transferred a decent level of Monero into it. Before taking to the service center should ...
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Source code history "immutability"

I'm fairly new to git and it seems surprisingly easy to rewrite past commits. I'm aware of the signed commits, and if I understand it correctly, it prevents against unauthorized/untrusted write ...
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In what ways can a wallet connected to a malicious remote node be abused?

There are several efforts under way at the moment to build easy to use mobile wallets for Monero. The most popular approach is to rely on a trusted remote node (either your own or one provided by a ...
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Does Monero protect against timing analysis?

Does Monero protect against timing analysis? As I understand it, Monero mixes the transactions so that you cannot definitively determine UserA sent money to UserB. Not 100%, but because the outputs ...
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Cloud storing wallet.keys encrypted files

How safe is it to store the wallet.keys files in a cloud service, email, website, etc? I imagine that it should be just as secure as the passphrases used to encrypt the file. If I understood it ...
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How do I setup a cold/hot wallet pair (instructions)? [duplicate]

I recently saw the answer for this question which discusses how to sign a transaction from a cold wallet. How does one setup a cold/hot wallet pair such as this? The answer mentions that the hot ...
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How do I use cold transaction signing?

Cold transaction signing was recently merged into master. How would one go about using it? For those who don't know, this feature allows you to: Create and export an unsigned transaction on an ...
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2 answers

How to Properly Generate a Monero Brain Wallet?

I remember reading somewhere, I think it was fluffypony mentioning one could use for example words from a letter to a loved one seed for a Monero wallet. But from playing with
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Minimum recommended user knowledge requirements [closed]

Cryptocurrency newcomers are disproportionately victims of financial loss both because of trusting dishonest 3rd parties and because of poor OPSEC. Does Monero have a defined set of minimum ...
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