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Store Monero entirely on USB

Is there any way to move the blockchain and all logs/folders to a USB stick and keep it there so you don't have files indicating you own Monero stored on your computer? I've tried moving the ...
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My Coins Didn't Arrive/How to "claim" coins [duplicate]

I am new to Monero. Recently I have installed monero-wallet-cli And created wallet with multiple addresses. (address newx100) So then I sent XMR from Binance to one of my addresses with index [56]. It'...
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2 votes
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How do I create a stealth address using the cli monero wallet?

I keep on reading about stealth addresses but am unclear how I would be able to create one using the CLI monero wallet. Can I generate a stealth address using the wallet?
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What is the hash-rate difference in the available CPU miners?

From these miners, is there a difference in hash-rate with the same hardware, if so what is it for your hardware? CPU Miners Wolf's CPUMiner - Open-source YAM Miner - Dev fee, Closed-source Claymore'...
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21 votes
6 answers

For newcomers to the Monero community, what can we do to help the project?

There are a lot of newcomers into the Monero community and I am sure many are interested in helping out where they can.
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Minimum recommended user knowledge requirements [closed]

Cryptocurrency newcomers are disproportionately victims of financial loss both because of trusting dishonest 3rd parties and because of poor OPSEC. Does Monero have a defined set of minimum ...
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