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With multi-signature transactions you can require than multiple parties sign a transaction. In order to be able to spend the funds approval is required from a chosen number of those parties.

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Multisig seed recovery wallet

Okay, so I recovered a multi-sig wallet from seed using the monero-wallet-cli. The multi-sig was already created (scheme 2/3), I used my original wallet seed and then completed the recovery with the ...
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Any known implementation of Monero MPC mutlisigs?

I am looking for a whitepaper/science doc/source code that explains/implements MPC multisig for Monero. Would appreciate any piece of inforamtion
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Multisig: Can you add another party after finalize_multisig

Let's say i'm creating a 2/3 multisig but i only have 2 people, is it possible to create the multisig with only 2 people, then later i add the third person? and/or can you edit a multisig and change/...
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en/decode MultisigxV2R1 and get raw data / Check if "MultisigxV2R1..." correspond to known address

Is there any way to make it on my own, without using monero-cli? I'm trying to create a 2-of-2 multisig using raw private keys. not from seed My example scene are follows. Bob and Alice generate ...
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Multisignature - get one signed transaction, send another, use first signed transaction

The nature of my problem is the following: I, side A, need to get a multisig transaction signed by side B to send it to side C later on, store that signed transaction (not broadcast it yet), then sign ...
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