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Name of monero daemon (replacing bitmonerod) starting with the v0.10.0 - Wolfram Warptangent - release

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Are any other macOS users having problems building bitmonerod with release-static? [closed]

I've been running a couple of nodes on macOS for some time now, and I usually pull down new source from the master repo once a week or so and rebuild so I have the latest and greatest. I'm now seeing ...
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Monero or Bitmonero?

If Monero is official name of this project, why is the name bitmonero still commonly used? Even the daemon is named bitmonerod. Are both names Monero or Bitmonero considered correct?
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Determining the number of available outputs by denomination

How can I determine the entire number of available blockchain outputs for each denomination? Is there a blockexplorer that tracks this data or a bitmonerod command I can use to find the answer to ...
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