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The official Monero Graphical User Interface maintained by the Monero Core Team.

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Is there a way to connect the Monero Core (GUI wallet) to a remote testnet node?

I'm trying to make a liveUSB so people can play with the Monero Core GUI, but I don't want them to download the whole testnet blockchain first just to try it out. Maybe something like... monero-...
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What are the shortcuts available in the official GUI?

What are the shortcuts that I can use in the official GUI ?
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How do you run the official GUI?

The pull request for the official GUI was recently merged. How do you get the GUI running?
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What is the roadmap for a GUI wallet?

I love Monero and always have but the lack of a GUI wallet is a huge issue for people actually trying to use the currency in the real world. What is the plan for a GUI wallet on all platforms ...
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How many languages will the official GUI support?

How many languages will the official GUI support at launch? Were the translations done with help from native speakers or by Transifex?
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What programming language(s) are used in building Bitmonerod, Simplewallet, Kovri, and the Monero GUI?

What programming languages are being used to build Bitmonerod, Simplewallet, Kovri and the Monero GUI? Are multiple languages used within the same application? What is the level of programming ...
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Monero-Core build instructions?

It seems some work is being made on monero-core and I wanted to check out the most recent builds. However the repository ( lists build instructions as TODO. Is ...
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What are specific security threats to a Monero GUI?

As the release of the official Monero GUI approaches, I would like to ask the best ways to secure our systems against possible theft. Apart from keyloggers catching your mnemonic seed or password, I ...
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