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1 answer

Error: Stratum request without method or result field

I'm trying to connect to with port number 4444. I'm using the npm package stratum here is the link to the npm package and using the example from the example/client. But I'm receiving ...
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1 answer

What exactly do miners communicate with a pool?

What JSON messages are exchanged with the pool, and how does one connect to a pool? With mining.subscribe? I read somewhere that the stratum protocol that CryptoNote coins use is different to, say, ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Merkle Tree Root for Empty Block

I am trying to use stratum to do pool mining. Here, for multiple cases, we have List of Merkle branches to be empty. I am confused in ...
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Error building monero-stratum on macOS

I am getting an error building monero-stratum on macOS. cmake completes without error, but when I run make, I get the following error: mac:monero-stratum powerkey$ make Scanning dependencies of ...
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1 vote
2 answers

monero-stratum Error When Compiling

Hi I seem to be getting an error during compiling of monero-stratum. [ 60%] Linking CXX shared library [ 60%] Built target cnutil Scanning dependencies of target hashing [ 60%] Building ...
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