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Questions tagged [monero-hash]

Website that tracks a number of Monero network statistics, including but not limited to pool hash rate and full nodes distribution

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How to calculate the achieved difficulty of a mined block

How does monero calculate the achieved difficulty of a mined block given a pow hash from randomx. I dont know if this is perhaps the correct place to ask this. If its not is there a better place to ...
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I'm trying to create a Python miner, can I get some guidance please?

I have been wondering how to make a Python Monero miner. I know about py-cryptonight, but does anyone know anything about how to actually code with it? I understand that cn_slow_hash is for mining, ...
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How does concatenation occur in crypto_ops::derivation_to_scalar [duplicate]

In the function crypto/crypto.cpp/crypto_ops::derivation_to_scalar monero sends the output_index to tools::write_varint(end, output_index). How does it append the output_index to derivation?
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How does nicehash perform share validation?

I'm talking about two services: NiceHash and MiningRentals and CryptonightV1 algorithm (which they call CryptonightV7), for example. Let's suppose someone trying to fool one of them and: Miner (...
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Which keccak algorithm does Monero use in its initial has function?

The Monero algorithm says First, the input is hashed using Keccak [KECCAK] with parameters b = 1600 and c = 512 I'm trying to re-create teh algorithm using JS and I found this keccak library ...
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What does the "hashes" field mean in an authentication message received from a pool?

I'm still trying to get a handle on how all this pool mining stuff works so I decided to use this guy's project -- to give it a whirl. In particular I ...
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What does output of running ccminer for mining monero actually means?

I am curious about monero, therefore I installed ccminer to try it out in fastest way. I am getting following output not sure what it means. Can somebody please explain. That would be great. [2017-06-...
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Is there a list of active monero full nodes?

Is there a list of active Monero full nodes? Something like Bitnodes for Bitcoin that maintains a list of IP addresses for currently active Monero nodes.
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