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Can't create transaction: unexpected error: Call method failed

When trying to send Monero using Trezor Model T as hardware wallet, I get the following error: 2021-04-21 17:52:12.637 69852 ERROR frontend src/wallet/api/wallet.cpp:416 Can't create ...
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1 answer

I now get the message "monero-core" is not responding

I applied the update monero.gui. from monero.gui.v0.16.0.2 on Zorin 15.2 and followed the instructions for a new installation from your website.
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What is sc_check function checking?

In crypto-ops.c there is a function called sc_check. It is called with the secret key as a parameter. What exactly is this function checking for? That the key is not too small? But how? What re all ...
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Could not find Boost libraries or Version is too old

I tried to compile Monero Core for Debian platform, but I got this error Could not find Boost libraries, please make sure you have installed Boost or libboost-all-dev (1.58) or the equivalent. What ...
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