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A tool included in (v7) and later versions that allows for clients to avoid using certain bad outputs.

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1 answer

Can someone explain me what is monero-blockchain-usage?

How can I access the monero-blockchain-usage and what is the use of it ? could someone explain after input our db what should I do ?
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1 answer

How can I convert a blackball LMDB database into a wallet-readable format?

The resulting file after running monero-blockchain-blackball is a data.mdb LMDB file. Unfortunately, this file cannot be opened directly by the GUI or CLI. How can I extract the necessary data so that ...
2 votes
1 answer

How can I import a blackball database to improve my privacy?

How can the blackball database that I generate be added to the Monero wallet in order to improve privacy?
0 votes
1 answer

Could a blackballs list be used maliciously?

I do not see any way to trustlessly generate a blackballs database without running full nodes for malicious fork coins, which I do NOT want to do (and don't even have hardware resources to do). ...
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1 answer

Permission denied error for monero-blockchain-blackball

I'm attempting to run the monero-blockchain-blackball utility in PureOS, and I'm running into a permission error. I used the syntax to select the tool, then the Monero blockchain, then a forked ...