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MMS: Replacing pybitmessage with I2P tunnels

Conceptually speaking, is it possible to replace pybitmessage requirement in Monero Multisig System in favor of an I2P tunnel ? If not, what additionnal feature(s) does pybitmessage provides over an ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Multisig MMS usage

Is the mms available through the JSON RPC? I was having luck without using the mms by using the JSON RPC multisig calls, by subclassing monero-python's JSONRPCWallet, up until creating a transaction. ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Will the Multisig Messaging System improve Monero security and performance?

I'm trying to understand the incoming MMS (Multisig Messaging System) in Monero. Reading the MMS User Manual, I am thinking that MMS could improve both the security and performance in the next Monero ...
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What is the Monero Messaging System Used for? From the initial ticket, it states that the MMS is for making multi-sig easier. But why is it called a "messaging system"? I'm thinking from a lay ...
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