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Questions about the physical setup of Monero mining equipment including power supply, cooling techniques, noise, equipment size and location

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Need help setting up (mining)

I have a new GPU is has 16 GB of RAM and I downloaded the wallet so I can set upon mining a block, but I do not know what I am doing. Can I get some help?
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GPU Driver Support How Many GPUs?

Looking to build about 50 mining rigs... I can't figure out how to determine which GPUs support how many... For example... If I want to put 11 AMD Radeon RX 480s on one board, will the stock driver ...
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Monitor connection for GPU mining

I'm currently mining on 6 x HP Z420 Pc's E5 Xenon CPU about 300h each. I want to move to GPU - one in each unit. The PC's have Nvidia K2000 cards fitted and used for the monitor. I don't want to use ...
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Recommended configuration for wolf-xmr-miner xmr.conf with R9 290

I'm quite new in mining and I am using a R9 290 to mine monero with wolfs miner and Ubuntu 16. This is my xmr.conf file: { "Algorithms": [ { "name": "CryptoNight", "devices": ...
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How to configure my computer to mine when not in use in Windows?

I have an older gaming computer with an AMD R7 370 that I would like to mine Monero with when not in use. I am using Wolf's open-source AMD miner. What steps can I take, in Windows 10, to have the ...
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How does one go about setting up a mining pool?

There are already a number of mining pools out for Monero, are there instructions or software that people can use to set up their own mining pool?
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