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penalty applied to miners for producing blocks larger than the median block size of the last 720 blocks but below the 2x the median

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How does the dynamic fee calculation work?

A pull request on github for dynamic fee calculation was just submitted. How does this new dynamic fee calculation work?
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Block reward penalties and dynamic block size

Block reward penalties begin if a block gets beyond 60kb in size. What is the reason why this limit is not dynamically re-calculated to follow a ratio of the blocksize limit instead of a constant?
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How is the quadratic miners penalty calculated

For blocks above the median block size of the last 100 blocks but below the 2x the median block size dynamic cap a quadratically increasing penalties is applied to miners. How is this penalty ...
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Does the dynamic blocksize limit and penalty function lead to a tragedy of the commons?

My understanding is that: The penalty applies to the block subsidy and not the transaction fees. Under constant demand blocks can increase continuously by pushing up the median block size. There ...
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Why is there a penalty on large block sizes?

What problem is the block size penalty trying to solve? If it is just an anti-spam system, aren't there more efficient solutions? Let's say there are 100 transactions waiting to be included in the ...
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Will a large and sustained increase in Monero transactions resolve the current issues of the dynamic block size penalty function?

The fee algorithm has not readjusted as intended following the dramatic increase in median transaction size which came with the upgrade to RingCT transactions. A conclusion reached on the subject has ...
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Impact of Range Proof Optimizations on M_O

After beginning at 60kB, the M_0 (minimum penalty-free block size) proved problematic after the v4 fork (introduction of RingCT) led to increased transaction (and block) sizes. Following an initial ...
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Reward penalty: how to control the block size?

I understand that there is a penalty for large block sizes and the miner who finds a large block only gets a portion of the nominal reward. But I fail to see how a miner, who just "packs" ...
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