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Those who perform work (defined the the CryptoNight PoW algorithm) to secure the Monero network and confirm transaction in exchange for a coinbase reward and transaction fees

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Purchase XMR using fiat

I’m trying to buy XMT using fiat, as I have before, but when entering the wallet address on Guardarian I keep getting the error message saying “insert correct wallet address”. I have double checked ...
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I need some trustworthy help from someone who knows what he is doing 😁

Can someone help me setting up my miner VIA teamviewer PLEASE 😁😅
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Can a group of PCs act like a local pool?

I know what pools are for, they combine many nodes power to mine a block quicker but these are cloud pools. Could a group of PCs or mining rigs which are at the same network act like a pool and ...
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xmrig runtime dll crash

I am trying to compile xmrig as a dll file, i compile it correctly as an executable downloading the source from here . For compiling it to dll, I use cmake and run these commands similarly to what i ...
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What is the best way to mine Monero on Macbook Pro?

I have started mining Monero using the MineXMR pool and an XMRig miner. I have done some calculations and found that, at my current rate of roughly 800H/s, it would take me four years to mine one coin....
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Will I need to update wallet and miner after the next upcoming (March 2019) fork?

I have read about the next upcoming fork planned for the block 1788000 (around the 9th of March). After that block, will I need to update the Monero daemon, the wallet, or both? And what about the ...
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What is the function of decompose_amount_into_digits and its components?

decompose_amount_into_digits(uint64_t amount, uint64_t dust_threshold, const chunk_handler_t& chunk_handler, const dust_handler_t& dust_handler) Monero uses this function while constructing a ...
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create a coinhive fork

I want to create my own coinhive clone. What do I need to start my own service like coinhive? I know that I need the following: -blockchain (serverside) -javascript miner (clientside) -pool what else ...
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Can you only allow certain miners on a cryptonote blockchain?

I am creating my own Cryptonote coin for a specific, business need. Can I only allow certain IPs to mine on it?
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Was the reasoning behind the large tx extra in minergate's transactions ever revealed?

It's absolutely enormous. Was it revealed why it's used? This is a Minergate block: This is a ...
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How to have visitors mine on my websites and is it legal?

I was wondering how to have visitors on my website mine monero for me and if it is legal or not. I know that if I don't tell them its illegal, but I plan on telling them in the footer of my website. ...
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0 - 100 % GPU spikes when mining [NVIDIA GTX 750 TI]

when I start mining using XMR-Stark my GPU (GTX 750 TI) is showing weird 0-100% spikes like this: Task Manager, GPU-Z. My CPU (i7-4790K) is consistent: Task Manager. My hashrate (cpu+gpu) is ...
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Why aren't there any miners written in assembly for x86 / x64 etc?

I've seen ethereum miner written in go, monero miners written in C, javascript. I wonder why wouldn't anyone write assembly code for a miner? At least for the hashing part.
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xmrMiner does not detect RX 580 gpus

I'm new to xmr mining on Windows and yet to find some decent miners. I'm trying xmrMiner but it only detects GTX gpu on my pc. I'm wondering how can I fix it?
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Writing my own Monero miner

So I was trying to make my own Monero miner and I found out that it uses the Cryptonight hash algorithm and I found documentation for it and I can implement it. But then how do I connect my miner to a ...
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Monero Hash, how does it work, C++ basisc

I am trying to understand xmr-stak miner program. I have understood most of it but having hard time visualizing some pointer manipulation in below code. Its been over 10 years for me to go through any ...
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Monero - Checkpoint Validation Failed

Could you help me with this error? I do not know what I'm doing wrong. I started to mine a fork of monero from block genesis, but I did the error that is seen in the image and I do not know where to ...
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How to build a APK miner for android

i want to mine on a android device whth armv8 CPU. how to build a APK? and i have download a armv8 code from github by "hyc" but dont know how to run it .
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Monero mining software

I have just started mining and I found that every miner that I download is not running, blocked by chrome, or blocked by antivirus. Right now I'm using minergate and I don't like it. I want some ...
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Xmr Stak CPU Miner Socket Error

Testing out the new XMR Stak Miner, currently using Wolf's CPU miners. I'm on Ubuntu 16.04, and the build works as in the README, setup the config for my address, and fixed the memory alloc issue here ...
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how do I setup XMR-STAK-AMD webservice

I recently (today) switched from wolf's xmr miner to xmr-stak-amd. First I would like to say that I'm getting a much better hashrate with the same settings (+100H/card) which I'm extremely happy about....
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CPU Miner for Mac OSX?

I'm new to the Monero community, but I've successfully mined many other cryptocurrencies. After a couple hours of digging, I could not find a pre-built CPU miner for OSX. Could someone point me in the ...
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Does a tool exist to monitor multiple Monero miners?

I would like to monitor multiple Monero GPU miners. Has a tool already been developed for this, if not I'll happily do so?
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Can monero network exist without miners?

Can the Monero network exist without miners? Can we just run monerod on home computers? Must some of us use the start_mining command (or a similar command in other mining software) to support the ...
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Hashrate correlation by time of day

Looking at historical Monero hash rate data it appears as if the hashrate is often the highest near 0:00 GMT and lowest near 12:00 GMT What credible explanations are there for this pattern? What ...
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