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Data providing additional information about Monero transaction data. Often discussed in terms of its privacy implications

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Can Monero provide anonymity when buying and selling NFTs?

Please forgive my noobness, but I have basic questions about Monero's privacy when going between currencies. Let's say a have two artist personas I want to sell NFTs under, but I don't want their ...
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Saving hashes of data in Monero blockchain

It is possible to store some information in the Monero blockchain that isn't strictly related to a cryptocurrency transaction? For example, let's say I have a txt file, I calculate its SHA1 hash and ...
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Impact of Topological data analysis on Monero

What is Topological data analysis? Can it be used to study the Monero blockchain and degrade the privacy of transactions as claimed by Gary Le in the interview referenced by this answer?
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metadata protection for Monero usage on Mobile devices

My understanding is that Kovri will use a C++ implementation of the I2P network to protect metadata. I2P seems to be focused on computer users. Are there any plans to protect metadata for Monero ...
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