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Mining multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously with one PoW

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How can one merge mine Townforge with Monero?

Townforge, a fork of Monero, can be merge mined with Monero ( How can one merge mine both blockchains ?
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Dual (merged) mining (no additional hashpower) by guessing? allows dual mining. Their page says: merged mining with Bytecoin (BCN), Monero (XMR), QuazarCoin (QCN), duckNote (duck) or ...
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6 votes
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Could (merge) mining provide a vector for deanonymization?

With the recent news that Digitalnote (XDN) is implementing merge mining in an effort to boost the hashrate by basically piggybacking off of Monero, I was wondering if this could lead to some leakage ...
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How are the various tx-extra types/formats used?

Reading the code, I see that transactions can contain an unlimited number of tx_extra_field items. tx_extra_field is defined in src/cryptonote_core/tx_extra.h as a union of a few possible types, ...
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Can a CryptoNote coin be merge mined with a non-CryptoNote coin?

If the CryptoNight algorithm was replaced with say, SHA-256, could it be merge mined with bitcoin, for example? The prior merge mining question is about mining with other CryptoNote networks.
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Can any CryptoNote coins be merge mined?

Do any CryptoNote coins support merged mining? If so which coins can be merged mined about how would merge mining affect my hashrate?
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