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questions about merchants who accept Monero payments in exchange for products or services

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I want my money to be private and to use it as needed each month to pay bills etc

How do I get a Monero account? What is the transition process from a bank account to Monero? Do I transfer my bank account to a Monero account? Or do I write a check? Do I pay my bills with ...
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Accept payment for digital goods

I want to accept Monero for a digital good I am selling but I am new to the crypocurrency and I am pretty lost. I initially thought of using an online wallet such as Cryptonator and MyMonero but I ...
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Is Monero more or less complicated than Bitcoin to integrate into exchanges? [closed]

When an exchange wants to add Monero to their list of coins, it has a brand new code to work with considering most coins are forks from Bitcoin. Is integration of Monero on exchanges or with things ...
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Is Monero Project goal to use Darknet Markets?

Is the anonymous usage of Darknet Markets (DNMs) the goal of Monero developers?
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How can I add my business to the merchant list on the Monero website?

Is there an easy way to make a listing request? If I am familiar with GitHub, how should I go about doing it myself?
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Difficulty in integrating and supporting Monero

Is integrating and supporting Monero more difficult for exchanges and merchants than supporting currencies based on the Bitcoin codebase? Other than a relative lack of familiarity with the CryptoNote ...
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Where can I spend Monero? [closed]

Is there an available list or directory of Merchants that accept Monero? Is it true that Monero can be spent at any business that accepts Bitcoin? If so how does the process work and which service ...
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