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The median is also the number that is halfway into the set. In the case of Monero the median blocksize size of last 400 blocks is used to help determine the quadratic penalty applied to miners (if any) for producing large blocks.

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Why is the dynamic blocksize relying on the median blocksize rather than another metric?

My understanding of the dynamic blocksize is it is the median of the last 100 blocks is there a reason why it is specifically 100 blocks? Why not 1000? Or take the average of the last N blocks etc?
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Understanding block reward calculation

I've read this explanation of how block rewards are calculated. But I fail to apply it in practice. Let's take block #1233057 as an example: The base reward is 8.8005 (which matches the result of the ...
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Median block size calculation

What's the easiest way to calculate the median size of the last 100 blocks programmatically? I have tried using monerod and the print_block and print_bc commands but neither shows the block size ...
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Is the median blocksize measured over the last 100 or 720 blocks?

I have seen both 100 and 720 being referenced as the proper number for determining median block-size for the purpose of calculating miner penalties. Which one is correct? Is Monero changed its code ...
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What happens if a very large transaction is over 2x the median block size?

The dynamic block size limit 2x the median block size over the last 100 blocks. What happens if a transaction containing an extremely large numbers of outputs and a very large mixin exceeds the ...
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August 2014 spam attack

Please explain how the sophisticated August 2014 Monero network spam attack was designed and conducted. How did the Monero core team respond to the attack and prevent any lasting damage?
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