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Error sending Monero transactions to my daemon [tx used wrong inputs]

After several checks made with the help of the community here on Stack-Exchange, I was able to move forward with my problem. Now I have reached the point that the transactions are not sent even ...
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integrated addresses monero javascript

my question are 2 : how to generate monero address from bip39 words ( i am using react so i need a react compatible code ) how to generate integrated addresses using JavaScript ( again react ...
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API for manipulating raw, unsigned transactions

I'm trying to create something which involves messing with (unsigned) transaction data, using the Rust library monero-rs. All I need to do is import an unsigned transaction, access the contents, then ...
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How to run a local daemon with android?

After some research, I found that monerod compiling was disabled on get_libwallet_api. I enabled and everything is ok. I tried to insert it on the apk package but inserting failed, so I compiled the ...
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What is the best Python library for hashing Cryptonight?

What is the best Python library for hashing Cryptonight hashes and building mining software?
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RPC binary request with Python

I am currently working with the Monero daemon RPC and have a little problem understanding the format of the binary request (/get_o_indexes.bin for example). Does anyone have an example of how should ...
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Go or Rust library to use Monero

Is there any library for Go (Golang) or Rust that I can use in order to generate the key pair, manually build a transaction, sign it and broadcast it to a remote node? I searched GitHub and either ...
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