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discussion of mobile wallets for the iOS platform

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MyMonero mobile app - custom block height

I don't see any option to set custom block height when restoring wallet via Use existing wallet button. Tried MyMonero on Android and iOS. But it's probably all the same..some kind of wrapped web app.
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Does the Coinomi wallet have a copy of your private view key? How do they make transactions?

The Coinomi mobile wallet now has Monero integration. When making a transaction, does the wallet send the private view key to Coinomi servers to perform the transaction?
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X-Wallet IOS restore wallet

I have a X=Wallet on IOS,my phone screen got ruined so after a week my phone was fixed but my wallet just sat froze unable to send or receive.i uninstalled the app then tried on other iphones to ...
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When using the android and iOS monero wallets. How does it not send the private spend key to the node to scan the blockchain?

I'm curious to how this is done in a secure way when using a mobile wallet on android or iOS. We have our private spend keys on these devices, but when scanning the blockchain to update your balance, ...
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What is the "prep work" for android / ios development in monero .11.1.0 release? There is "prep work" on the release for android and ios. What is this prep work? Is core making their own android wallet or does this ...
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Does Monero have any mobile wallets available?

Mobile usage is growing very fast worldwide. Monero transactions should be easy to conduct from any device Does Monero have any Android or iOS wallets available? If there are no mobile wallets today,...
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metadata protection for Monero usage on Mobile devices

My understanding is that Kovri will use a C++ implementation of the I2P network to protect metadata. I2P seems to be focused on computer users. Are there any plans to protect metadata for Monero ...
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