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Monero wallet where an internet connected device stores or has access to the private spend key.

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Is my hot wallet the only view wallet and my cold wallet the one created offline?

I am a little confuse and concern about my wallet security. I've created a wallet using, I went offline and generated a new wallet I saved all my keys and erased my browser history, ...
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Cold Storage, to Hot, to cold?

If I created a paper wallet, then installed the Monero GUI on a PC and imported the wallet from the mnemonic seed... Could I just delete the Monero GUI wallet and wouldn't it just go back to being ...
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How do I setup a cold/hot wallet pair (instructions)? [duplicate]

I recently saw the answer for this question which discusses how to sign a transaction from a cold wallet. How does one setup a cold/hot wallet pair such as this? The answer mentions that the hot ...
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What technique(s) should be used to secure funds in my wallet(s)?

So I know that there might not be a straight forward answer besides having a cold and hot wallet available that you can access with your own daemon and simplewallet. But I feel like there might be ...
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What are specific security threats to a Monero GUI?

As the release of the official Monero GUI approaches, I would like to ask the best ways to secure our systems against possible theft. Apart from keyloggers catching your mnemonic seed or password, I ...
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What is the difference between a "cold storage" wallet and a "hot" wallet?

What is the difference between a "cold storage" wallet and a "hot" wallet? Is it possible to sign a transaction to be sent from cold storage without converting it into a hot wallet?
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