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1 answer

Hard disk space usage using Helium Hydra on Windows, 64bit

On my laptop I downloaded Helium Hydra for Windows 64 bit OS. After running the monero-wallet-gui.exe and waiting for the syncing to stop (about 15 hours) I suspect about 30GB of C:/ space was used. I ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Does the ARM v6 have enough power to be a Monero node?

I have compiled Helium Hydra, Point Release 1 on a Raspberry Pi first model powered by ARM v6. It took about 10 hours to compile all, but now it's fully working and I'm able to use it like a Monero ...
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1 answer

Reward always Zero

Again I need your help. I created a fork of Monero. In the first version I only changed the crypto name, but all other values are the same as Monero. My problem is, I found around 300 blocks, but the ...
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2 answers

How do I "background mine" on CLI for Helium Hydra v.

I've looked under 'help' in my daemon and wallet and found nothing that seems to describe how to background mine. Is that only a function in the GUI?
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