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GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) is free open source software supporting the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) data encryption and decryption system

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Problem verifying PGP for Monero GUI wallet

I'm working in Windows and trying to verify the hash and binary of the Monero GUI wallet. I followed the directions here:
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Security model for new auto update feature in GUI v0.16.0.2 'Nitrogen Nebula'

What steps are taken to verify the binaries via the new GUI auto update feature? How does it compare to downloading the them and manually verifying the hash as GPG key as was required for previous ...
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Source code history "immutability"

I'm fairly new to git and it seems surprisingly easy to rewrite past commits. I'm aware of the signed commits, and if I understand it correctly, it prevents against unauthorized/untrusted write ...
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How can someone verify that the source downloaded from github is genuine?

When someone downloads the Monero source tree from github, there is a possible risk that this is not what the developers created. This could be MITM attacks, whether between developers and github or ...
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