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questions about how decisions are made by the development team and community at large.

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Is it okay to host a node that connects on the clearnet?

There is some concern in regulatory bodies about governing Monero in the future. Does this have implications for people hosting nodes at home on personal computers and connecting on the clearnet, ...
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Does Monero implement voting of any sort?

Currencies like Etherium and Dash pride themselves on having implemented voting in their system so they could make changes faster than bitcoin. Where does Monero stand on this? Are there any ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Who is behind monero and how does is compare to other major crypto currencies?

Who is leading Monero? What are the process in place to avoid an hostile entity to take control of the network/the development/the security of the system? How resilience is achieved? How does it ...
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Will there ever be a Monero Foundation?

Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have foundations, but Monero does not. Why does one not exist? And will there ever be a Monero Foundation?
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