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Git is a free and open source distributed version control system used for software development

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How might one clone the repos of Monero and i2p-zero (and / or download the releases thereof) when this censorship happens?

When,, are no longer, Tor is unusable, and the user-to-be does not have binaryfate.asc and ...
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Building Monero From Source on Windows 10 Pro

I am following the Windows Guide here to compile from Source: When I enter the command: make release-static-win64 I get the following error: > spencer@...
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installing Aeon on Ubuntu

I'm trying to install Aeon on ubuntu following this post. everything is fine until I try to use the "make" command. Then I keep getting an error for which I have no idea how to fix it: mkdir -p ...
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A SHA-1 collision has been found. Does that mean the Monero repositories on Github can be compromised?

Git (and thus Github) relies on the SHA-1 hash function to guarantee that files can't be secretly changed. Now a collision has been found: two different files that produce the same hash. The ...
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Tools to ease Monero source code pull request

After seeing this meta question I thought I would research the difficulty of submitting a pull request to replace mixin with ring size everywhere it is found in Monero source code. Although I believe ...
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Source code history "immutability"

I'm fairly new to git and it seems surprisingly easy to rewrite past commits. I'm aware of the signed commits, and if I understand it correctly, it prevents against unauthorized/untrusted write ...
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How can someone verify that the source downloaded from github is genuine?

When someone downloads the Monero source tree from github, there is a possible risk that this is not what the developers created. This could be MITM attacks, whether between developers and github or ...
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