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games currently using or with potential to use Monero

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Is it possible to write an Ethereum dapp that uses Monero?

Thinking about writing a dapp that uses Monero for playing games. Will probably be hosted on Ethereum. Won't accept non-privacy coins.It would send back Ether tokens pegged to the current value of Dai....
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CryptoKingdom currency usage of both CKG and XMR

Most games only have one currency. Please help explain the reasons for the usage of two in game currencies. Is it true that CryptoKingdom supports both CKG (CryptoKingdom Gold) and Moneritos (1/1,000,...
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How MoneroDice is provably fair?

MoneroDice is a dice gambling game that uses cryptography for provably fair randomness. How exactly does it proves its randomness?
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Are there any games which use Monero as money?

Are there any popular community games which are using Monero as money for its economy?
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