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Crowdfunding system where community members can pitch proposals and, if community approved, receive financial compensation (in Monero) upon meeting predefined milestones.

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Do I need mod approval to get my "idea" moved into the funding required phase on the forum?

What is the process to get my idea into the "funding requred" phase on ? Does a mod have to deem the idea valid? What are some requirements for a monero idea?
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2 answers

How is Monero going to defend itself against future attacks on the community, politics etc? [closed]

While Monero has been under attack by trolls since day one and has become quite resilient. Bitcoin and Ethereum communities have lots of tension with corporate takeover and stalling development(divide ...
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What are the chances of Monero having a marketplace similar to Openbazaar?

I realize this would likely need multisig, but are there any plans to add Monero support to Openbazaar? Whether by the OB developers or could we get a FFS to get people working on it to PR the code to ...
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How do you propose a project with the forum funding system?

The Forum Funding system is a way of funding Monero projects. Its the way the GUI was funded, for example. How do you set up a project to use the forum funding system?
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How will the world learn of Monero? [closed]

I do my part in sharing the Monero technology with those I know, of whom I think may be interested. However, when I was introduced to Monero a few months ago, I found quite a bit of misinformation ...
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Forum Funding System donations earmarked for projects that are never completed

What happens to Monero raised by the Forum Funding System for projects that are never completed? Are donations returned to donors (if their identity is known)? What happens to donations made by ...
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How is Monero development funded?

What is the funding model for Monero development? What incentives are in place to retain existing talent and attract additional developers?
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