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Can a message be encrypted with a Monero address and then decrypted by the address's owner?

Some Bitcoin wallets have this functionality: they let you encrypt an arbitrary text with a Bitcoin address such that only the owner of the address can read the text. The Monero wallet software ...
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1 answer

Reading Signed/unsigned tx files

I'd like to transfer files between cold and hot wallets via QR codes. Python can't seem to decode/encode the bytes in the unsigned tx file. Can someone confirm they are mostly binary, and some sort of ...
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1 vote
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How to filter all transactions with a payment id that converts to a message?

Is there a way to scan the blockchain for all payment id's that are actually messages when converted from hex to ascii? This would be an interesting use case of marking transactions you want public as ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Is it possible to attach a message to monero transactions?

It would be useful if we can attach a message to monero transactions for reference. Is there any future features in the works to do something like this? Bitcoin has OP_RETURN with 40 byte limit.
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11 votes
2 answers

Can the Monero block chain be used for anonymous communication/ data storage/ private records for small to big entity?

Can the Monero block chain be used to transmit anonymous messages or for data storage?, For example a military secret, confidential state data, company private records, employee payroll, private ...
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How do payment ids work?

In particular, how do the encrypted ones work cryptographically. I'm guessing they are based on the shared secret.
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What is the future potential of MoneroChat?

I am aware that this is likely quite far down the line of development goals (, but I'm very curious about what is planned for MoneroChat as an encrypted messaging ...
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