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discussion of efforts to better educate Monero users about cryptocurrencies in general and the Monero protocol and related best security and privacy practices specifically

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Any plans of Monero based documentary? [closed]

I have seen the documentaries Rise and Rise of Bitcoins and Bitcoin Gospel, any plans of a documentary on Monero?
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8 votes
4 answers

How will the world learn of Monero? [closed]

I do my part in sharing the Monero technology with those I know, of whom I think may be interested. However, when I was introduced to Monero a few months ago, I found quite a bit of misinformation ...
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8 votes
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Minimum recommended user knowledge requirements [closed]

Cryptocurrency newcomers are disproportionately victims of financial loss both because of trusting dishonest 3rd parties and because of poor OPSEC. Does Monero have a defined set of minimum ...
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