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very small amounts of Monero, previously generated more often by mining pool payouts. RingCT will largely eliminate the "dust problem" as amount will be encrypted and can be mixed with outputs of any other amount.

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If the Monero started with rCT, would it be needed to have any part of the codebase handling dust?

I mean there is so much code in Monero handling situation that involve any dust. Is it just for backward compatibility or would it be needed even if the Monero started with rCT? I know about 2 types ...
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What is a dynamic dust threshold system?

According to the Wolfram Warptangent, Point Release 1 notes, Monero has switched to a dynamic dust threshold system What does that mean? How is the definition of dust or its treatment dynamic?
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How are dust and fees related?

When sending a transaction now, I get the prompt: The transaction fee is 0.010000000000, of which 0.006000000000 is dust from change. Is this okay? (Y/Yes/N/No). What does that mean, is it that the ...
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How will RingCT dust work?

Right now, if you have a small piece of Monero, you can spend it with mixin 0. That way, you can collect a bunch of them without paying too high of fees. RingCT will hide amounts, meaning it won't be ...
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Should I worry about dust in my wallet?

MRL-0004 talks about how if I get sent a weird amount of XMR like 103.32111111, I'll have a weird output of .00111111 in my wallet, and assuming there will be no other outputs of the same amount in ...
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How can i sweep out a whole wallet to another address?

Since currently it's not possible to manage multiple addresses easily with one simplewallet instance, I would like to fire them up on the go. I am on windows with the binaries bitmonerod and ...
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How will transaction fees be calculated after RingCT?

I read that RingCT will bring transaction sizes close to about 13kb. How much larger would a mixin=4 Monero transaction be compared to a Bitcoin transaction? Based on a 13kb size, it would be about ...
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What is the technical definition of "dust" that is allowed to be sent with a mixin of 0?

What is the technical definition of "dust" that is allowed to be sent with a mixin of 0? Is there any way I can avoid or reduce dust creation?
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