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Dashpay (DASH) is a ninja launched Bitcoin fork, with an extremely fast early emission curve (which the developer blamed on not fully understanding the difficulty algorithm). It offers an optional re-branded version of CoinJoin mixing performed by Masternodes, the owners of which which are compensated by a 45% tax on miners. Formerly known as Xcoin (XCO) and Darkcoin (DRK)

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15 votes
4 answers

Is Dash based on CryptoNote or CoinJoin?

Is Dash based on CryptoNote or CoinJoin? Is there more than one coin with that name? If there are multiple coins, which one used the name first? What is the history between the name usage?
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49 votes
3 answers

How is Monero compared to Dash?

There are 2 main privacy-centric Bitcoin-like payment blockchain and cryptocurrencies – Dash and Monero and are always being compared to one another. What are their similarities and differences?
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