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Dashcoin (DSH) is the first CryptoNote-based cryptocurrency with an automatically mutating codebase based on Bytecoin (without the premine/ninjamine). This means the source-code is always up to date (automatically mutating based on changes from BCN) with minimal developer involvement required

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Is Dash based on CryptoNote or CoinJoin?

Is Dash based on CryptoNote or CoinJoin? Is there more than one coin with that name? If there are multiple coins, which one used the name first? What is the history between the name usage?
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Any thought on the Minergate hard fork of Dashcoin? Is it a 51% attack?

You can read the whole thing on the Dashcoin thread on I'll keep things short. Since Dashcoin is a copy of Bytecoin, it was effected by the same bug found by the Monero team back in ...
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