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Name confusion related to failed hostile takeover of Dashcoin by Dashpay (formerly known as XCoin/Darkcoin). See dashcoin and dashpay tags. The dash tag could be a reference to either Dashcoin (DSH) which is a CryptoNote based mutating clone of BCN or Dashpay (DASH) a Bitcoin based coin with a modified version of CoinJoin called DarkSend.

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Is there a Monero project or improvement proposal to make Monero have instant transactions?

A few cryptocurrency projects have instant sending of coins, like Dash and Loki's Blink. Currently with Monero there is a 2-20 minute wait time, depending on how you look at it, before the coins are ...
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Monero comparison wiki states zcash is not "decentralized": why? The monero comparison wiki states zcash is not decentralized. Why? Also since it's a monero subreddit, it can be seen as biased toward monero. What are ...
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Is Dash based on CryptoNote or CoinJoin?

Is Dash based on CryptoNote or CoinJoin? Is there more than one coin with that name? If there are multiple coins, which one used the name first? What is the history between the name usage?
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