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Broadcasting txs over Tor, is Dandelion++ still used?

According to Monero contributor selsta, when using the --tx-proxy option without noise_disabled: [monerod] uses a combination of Tor, noise, randomized delays and Dandelion++ to break IP <-> ...
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How can the frequency of dandelion++ stem tx observations in mainnet be increased?

I am interested in the anonymity of dandelion++ and am trying to find out how stem tx can be viewed in real communication. From the monero github source code changes made during the introduction of ...
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Do I need (in) connections (eg: port 18080 open) in order to participate in Dandelion++?

Do I need to have (in) connections for Dandelion++ to work? For example, having port 18080 open. I currently only have 12(out)+1(in) connections, with an open 18080 port. Will I get more (in) ...
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