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One of the fastest ECC curves, and being used by Monero. It offers 128 bits of security and designed for use with the elliptic curve Diffie–Hellman (ECDH) key agreement scheme.

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Curve used in Monero - A Subgroup of Ed25519?

I am a student researcher at IIT Bombay (India). I have been recently understanding the cryptography behind Monero as well as its implementation. The elliptic curve used in the CryptoNote protocol is ...
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ed25519 point structs

What do each of these structs represent? What is the difference between them? typedef struct { fe X; fe Y; fe Z; } ge_p2; typedef struct { fe X; fe Y; fe Z; fe T; } ge_p3; typedef ...
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How to convert monero's curve25519 basepoint to bouncycastle

This is how to get the curve25519 basepoint in monero (use js console at > var identity = "0100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000" > var base ...
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Where does Curve25519's limit occur?

While informing myself on the inner-working of Monero, I stumbled on Curve25519. The CryptoNote White Paper states: l: a prime order of the base point; l = 2^252 + ...
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What is elliptic curve cryptography and why is it important to Monero?

What is elliptic curve cryptography and why is it important to Monero? Please provide both a basic description and an in depth description of the type found on Moneropedia
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How to see that the RingCT commitment parameter H is in fact a multiple of the base point G

On the last paragraph of page 7 of Monero Research Lab's paper about RingCT, the author makes some statements to the effect that it is possible to pick a random point on the base curve ED25519 that is ...
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Comparison of Curve25519 with secp256k1?

How does the security of Curve25519 compare with secp256k1? Is it known why the creators of CryptoNote may have chosen one curve over the other?
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8 votes
2 answers

What level of cryptographic review has the current Monero protocol received?

What are the backgrounds of the members of the Monero Research Lab? What amount of known peer review have their publications received? Independent of Monero itself, how much Cryptographic review has ...
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